With opening of nonkosher restaurant, fried chicken purveyor takes 4th shot at the Israeli market. “It’s nice to feel so good about a meal”, “We do chicken right” “Everybody needs a little KFC”. KFC’s story is irresistible; and its personality has always been inseparable from a joyful love of chicken. Lately a bold energy and vibrancy is driving KFC in the UK, celebrating the brand’s story, taking pride in the simple, joyful deliciousness of Finger Lickin’ Good fresh fried chicken and the social aspect of bringing people together over a KFC.



Dynamica is the leading network in Israel for the sale of phones, accessories and gadgets.
The network has been active since 1994 and offers an insane variety of new and advanced phones, accessories and gadgets.


Hyfit develops the Wearable Gym, a resistance exercise tool that combines suspension trainers with fitness trackers. It features resistance control so that users can tailor their training. With a smart wearable device integrated into the strap, the suspension trainers deliver feedback about pulse rate, calories burned, and other personal metrics.