AnyVision offers a wide range of face recognition and related technologies for homeland security, defense, financial services, gaming, and home applications. 

Snapshot photos can be taken from the video.
Each detection recorded. Time and camera detection.
Each event can be added bookmark and saved to favourites.Information about detected person Location and time of detection.

Acquisition of standards-based on biometric portraits Propriety face detection algorithm usage for person matching, verification and identification. Accurate portrait characteristics check for recognising the face geometry. Powerful Real-time identification in video streams or footage. Rapid comparison of the images to the existing databases. Real-time signals on user-defined events occur. Unsurpassed Accuracy & Matching Speed. Reduce redundancy by duplicate personality check. Strong background check of the prospective anti-social activists.


“Growmobile” enables creating campaigns that are aimed at increasing engagement in mobile applications.The campaigns are run in the mobile eco-system.
Such a campaign can be comprised of different stages (the toolbar beneath the header), while every stage contains different aspects (the tabs in the left-hand panel). During the creation of a campaign the Campaign Manager can create different variants of the campaign’s building blocks, in order to A/B test them, and achieve better results of conversion and/or engagement.


Bring together all of your marketing partners, networks, channels, campaigns in one place. Our complete solution makes affiliate marketing easier, faster, and more manageable.

Create your own funnel, landing page or website. Connect ADZOO smart form to your campaign, let our technology optimise and significantly improve your conversion. ADZOO creating a connection between your users and the highest performing operators.

Developed with optimisation in mind, ADZOO delivers your traffic to to best converting operators by using a series of patented algorithms.


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